Operation SRM

'SRM' was the designation of Allied convoys plying between the south of France and Naples in western Italy (September/October 1944).

These 17 convoys, returning empty vessels after the 'Dragoon' (i) landinga and subsequent operations in southern France, began with SRM.2 of 18/21 August with the 7,177-ton US Alfred Moore, 7,176-ton US George Leonard, 7,176-ton US Henry Ward Beecher, 7,178-ton Dutch Jan Lievens, 7,196-ton US John B.Hood, 7,176-ton US Lincoln Steffens, 7,178-ton British Ocean Gallant, 7,219-ton British Sambre II and 7,219-ton British Samwash, with escort provided by the British destroyer Somali, US destroyer Parker, British corvette Aubretia, French minesweeper Gracieuse and US submarine chasers PC-551 and PC-559.

The last of the convoys was SRM.19 of 24/26 October with the 8,097-ton Dutch Cistula, 813-ton British Empire Lass, 5,751-ton French Indiana, 5,120-ton French Mont Everest, 7,219-ton British Samavon, 7,219-ton British Samois, 7,219-ton British Sampan and 7,176-ton US William Eaton, with escort provided by the French minesweeping sloop Commandant Dominé.