Operation Stamina

'Stamina' was the Allied airlift of forces from Lieutenant General A. F. P. Christison’s Indian XV Corps in the Arakan coastal region of western Burma to reinforce Lieutenant General Sir Geoffrey Scoones’s Indian IV Corps at Imphal (19 March/12 May 1944).

The operation was started shortly after Lieutenant General Renya Mutaguchi’s 15th Army had launched its 'U' (ii) offensive against Imphal and Kohima as the planned prelude to an invasion of north-eastern India, and included (among others) Brigadier G. C. Evans’s Indian 123rd Brigade and Brigadier D. F. W. Warren’s Indian 161st Brigade of Major General H. R. Briggs’s Indian 5th Division during March, and Brigadier F. J. Loftus-Tottenham’s Indian 33rd Brigade and Brigadier W. A. Crowther’s Indian 89th Brigade of Major General F. W. Messervy’s Indian 7th Division during April and the first part of May.