Operation Stanza

'Stanza' was the British build-up of a forward base at Rangoon for further advances into South-East Asia (summer/autumn 1945).

The plan proposed that the port be opened as soon as possible after the 'Modified Dracula' liberation of Rangoon with the object of handling some 7,500 tons (including 1,500 tons of oil products) per day. This would allow the establishment of a dump holding sufficient supplies and fuel for 45 days of operations by two full corps (just under seven divisions) and one group of RAF aircraft. 'Stanza' also provided for the development of four airfields within four months, rising to seven airfields by the end of 1945.

The need to implement 'Stanza' was the primary spur for the reopening of the port of Rangoon to start receiving ships on 8 May 1945.