Operation SW

'SW' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes at literal suffix) plying the route from the Suez Canal via Kilindini, Kenya, to Durban or Cape Town, South Africa (September 1940/October 1941).

The first of these convoys was SW.1 of 24 September/8 October 1940 with the 25,689-ton British Andes carrying civilian evacuees, 8,300-ton British California Star in ballast, 42,348-ton British Empress of Britain carrying civilian evacuees, 21,517-ton British Empress of Canada carrying civilian evacuees, 20,175-ton British Franconia carrying civilian evacuees, 20,026 British Otranto carrying stores and 22,281-ton Strathaird carrying 231 passengers. The last of the convoys was SW.10 of 21/27 October 1941 with three ships.