Operation TA (ii)

'TA' (ii) was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the UK to the USA using mostly large liners, sometimes without escort, and as such reciprocals of the 'AT' (ii) series (January 1942/July 1945).

The first of these 235 convoys, which departed Reykjavik in Iceland, was TA.10 of 31 January/9 February 1942 with the 7,114-ton US Borinquen, 12,600-ton Delta and 6,336-ton commissioned vessel Munargo escorted by the heavy cruisers Tuscaloosa and Wichita, and destroyers Grayson, Livermore, Meredith, Monssen, Stack and Sterett. The last of this trooping convoys was TA.222 of 13/20 July 1945 with the 44,786-ton British Aquitania.