Operation TAW

'TAW' was the designation Allied convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying the route from Trinidad via Aruba, Netherlands West Indies, to Guantánamo, Cuba, and such such reciprocals of the 'WAT' series, but soon replaced by the 'TAG' series (July/August 1942).

The first of the 19 such convoys was TAW.1 of 2/10 July with the 6,797-ton US Alcoa Pathfinder, 4,886-ton US Alcoa Scout, 4,297-ton British British Industry, 8,062-ton British Carelia, 8,097-ton Dutch Clavella, 2,243-ton Panamanian Eureka, 2,606-ton US Falmouth, 9,912-ton Norwegian Glarona, 6,210-ton British Inventor, 6,249-ton Belgian Laurent Meeus, 5,191-ton US Pennsylvanian and 7,194-ton US Santa Monica, escorted by the British destroyers Havelock and Ramsey, British corvette Godetia, and US submarine chasers PC-463 and PC-516.

The last convoy was TAW.16 of 25/30 August with the 4,824-ton Greek Athina Livanos, 1,713-ton Dutch El Libertador, 4,116-ton Norwegian Fernhill, 6,759-ton Norwegian Kristianiafjord, 2,372-ton US Lawrence, 4,426-ton Polish Paderewski, 6,261-ton British Saluta, 4,766-ton Norwegian Tatra, 6,032-ton US Thomas P. Beal and 5,068-ton British Wayfarer, escorted by the British destroyer Havelock, British corvettes Godetia and Lavender, and US submarine chasers PC-462 and PC-463.

Three other convoys, namely TAW.S(1), TAW.SL/1 and TAW.SL/2, sailed from Guantánamo to Key West, Trinidad to Guantánamo and Trinidad to Key West respectively during the same period. Two parallel series were those suffixed C, G and M: the first totalled 13 convoys between Curaçao and Key West, Florida, the second 11 convoys between Guantánamo and Key West, and the third between Mayaguez and Key West.