Operation Tindall

'Tindall' was a British deception plan, originally designated 'Upshot', within 'Cockade' designed to deceive the Germans into the belief that the Allies were planning an invasion of Norway in the area of Stavanger, and thus persuade the Germans to retain in Norway substantial ground forces which could better have been employed to greater effect in other theatres (July/November 1943).

This notional attack was based on the premise of an assault on the Stavanger area by five divisions (four infantry formations landed from the sea and one airborne formation landed behind the target area). The plan was activated in July 1943 but then stood down in the following month, purportedly to provide troops for 'Starkey', but was then revived after the end of 'Starkey' as 'Tindall II', which was maintained until November and the advent of the winter conditions which would have rendered impractical any real operation of this nature.