Operation TJ (i)

'TJ' (i) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Trinidad to Natal, Recife or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in succession to the 'TB' (ii) series inaugurated in October 1942, and as such reciprocals of the 'JT' (ii) series (July 1943/February 1945).

The TJ.1 convoy sailed on 16 December 1942 from Trinidad to Recife, but in July 1943 the series was restarted, again at TJ.1, now plying the route from Trinidad to Rio de Janeiro, ending in February 1945. For an unexplained reason the series jumped from TJ.65 to TJ.216, and there were also two additional convoys in March 1945 as TJ.219 and TJ.220 from Trinidad to Recife and Natal respectively. The first of the 71 such convoys was TJ.1 of 3/24 July 1943 with 20 merchant vessels, and the last was TJ.220 of 8/27 March 1945 with an unknown number of merchant vessels.