Operation TM (iii)

'TM' (iii) was the designation of an Allied convoy (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Curaçao to Gibraltar as a special tanker convoy bringing fuel across the Atlantic for the Allied 1st Army fighting its way to the east toward Tunisia after the 'Torch' landings (10/25 January 1943).

The sole such convoy was TM.2, which was also known as TMF.2, with five US tankers in the form of the 10,172-ton Bunker Hill, 9,310-ton Colorado III, 10,173-ton Esso Gettysburg, 10,342-ton Seakay and 10,804-ton Sheldon Clark, escorted by the British destroyers Quickmatch, Racehorse, Redoubt, Venomous and Wivern.