Operation TMF

'TMF' was the designation of Allied fast convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Trinidad to Gibraltar in the aftermath of 'Torch' (December 1942/January 1943).

There were two such convoys. The first of these was TMF.1 of 28 December 1942/14 January 1943 with the 8,309-ton Norwegian Albert E. Ellsworth, 6,893-ton British British Dominion, 8,093-ton British British Vigilance, 8,375-ton British Cliona, 6,833-ton Norwegian Minister Wedel, 9,555-ton Panamanian Norvik, 6,394-ton British Oltenia II and 6,198-ton Norwegian Vanja, escorted by the British destroyers Havelock and Quentin, and the British corvettes Godetia, Penstemon, Pimpernel, Samphire and Saxifrage. The second was TMF.2 of 10/25 January 1943 with five US tankers in the form of the 10,172-ton Bunker Hill, 9,310-ton Colorado III, 10,173-ton Esso Gettysburg, 10,342-ton Seakay and 10,804-ton Sheldon Clark, escorted by the British destroyers Quickmatch, Racehorse, Redoubt, Venomous and Wivern.