Operation TN (ii)

'TN' (ii) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the coastal route from Townsville, eastern Australia, to Port Moresby and Fall River, New Guinea, and as such reciprocals of the 'NT' series (December 1942/March 1944).

The first of 221 such convoys was TN.11 of 1/3 December 1942 with the 3,222-ton British Centaur, 10,346-ton British Duntroon, 7,176-ton US Egbert Benson, 7,292-ton British Empire Franklin, 3,057-ton Dutch Karsik, 9,424-ton British Katoomba, 2,839-ton Dutch 's-Jacob, 4,286-ton British Taroona and 4,992-ton Dutch Tasman, escorted by the Australian sloops Swan and Warrego, and minesweeper Colac. The last was TN.232 of 24/28 March 1944 with the 1,279-ton Dutch Balikpapan, 5,033-ton Dutch Bontekoe, 7,176-ton US David F. Barry and 7,176-ton US Margaret Fuller, escorted by the Australian minesweepers Bowen, Bundaberg and Townsville.