Operation Training

'Training' was a British naval undertaking by ships of Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Power’s East Indies Fleet to interrupt the flow of reinforcement, resupply and re-equipment by sea to isolated Japanese garrisons in Burma, the western end of the East Indies and the Bay of Bengal (27 February/4 March 1945).

The operation was undertaken by Force 68, comprising the destroyers Rapid, Rocket, Roebuck and Rotherham, which departed Akyab in the Arakan western coastal region of Burma on 27 February and during the night of 1/2 March operated inshore between Tavoy island and Heanzay Basin, locating and sinking three sailing coasters and damaging another two.

On 3 March, the British ships undertook a gunfire bombardment of Port Blair in the Andaman islands group, and then proceeded visa Manners Strait to reach Trincomalee in Ceylon on 4 March.