Operation TRIN

'TRIN' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) steaming to the south-east from Trinidad for dispersal (August/November 1942).

The first of these 24 convoys was TRIN.1 of 14 August with 10 ships (5,418-ton Dutch Aalsum, 4,971-ton British Cressington Court, 7,031-ton British Empire Bowman, 4,969-ton US Excello, 7,176-ton US Henry Clay, 5,267-ton British Hopestar, 7,177-ton US Jeremiah van Rensselaer, 5,214-ton Greek Mount Pera, 7,191-ton US Samuel Johnston and 4,415-ton Norwegian Tercero). The last was TRIN.24 of 6 November with 10 ships (5,390-ton French Arica, 5,353-ton US Black Point, 4,140-ton Panamanian Carbella, 6,862-ton British City of Florence, 7,051-ton US Cubore, 4,548-ton US Henry D. Whiton, 2,552-ton Norwegian Lago and 4,909-ton British Landleecrag, together with the British anti-submarine trawler Lady Elsa as escort.