Operation Trolist


'Trolist' was a Croat operation against the Yugoslav 32nd 'Zagorje' Division and units of the Western Group of Partisan Detachments of Marshal Josip Broz Tito’s partisan forces in the puppet state of Croatia in German-occupied Yugoslavia (28/30 November 1944).

Some 2,285 Croat troops of the Ustase 20th Assault Regiment of the 1st Assault Division, Ustase Pukovnik Ante Moskov’s 'Poglavnik' Bodyguard Brigade and two companies of Pukovnik Cihak’s 1st Garrison Brigade advanced along the line from Vrbovec, Lukovo, Preska, Lipnica and Salnik with aim of reaching a predetermined blocking line between Preseka and Salnik, where they would join forces with a group from Krizevci and the Group 'Zelina' from Svzent Ivan Zelina by noon on 28 November. By 10.00 the operation was developing as planned despite partisan resistance in the villages of Poljancec, Lipnica and Hudovo.

The Croats claimed to have killed 154 partisans and captured 22, as well as seizing a number of light weapons, but the 32nd 'Zagorje' Division escaped the attempted encirclement and returned to Moslavina.