Operation TS (iii)

'TS' (iii) was the designation of Allied assault convoys (together with a numerical suffix) for 'Avalanche', and comprising 'TSF' fast, 'TSM' medium-speed and 'TSS' slow elements (September 1943).

There were two TSF convoys, namely TSF.1 of 6/9 September from Tripoli and TSF.1X of 8/9 September from Palermo. The first comprised two adapted liners in the form of the 11,275-ton British Devonshire and 11,030-ton Polish Sobieski, and eight British commissioned transports in the form of the 9,919-ton Glengyle, 7,403-ton Hilary, 2,950-ton Prinses Astrid, 4,135-ton Prinses Beatrix, 2,950-ton Prinses Josephine Charlotte, 3,244-ton Royal Scotsman, 3,244-ton Royal Ulsterman and 3,791-ton Ulster Monarch, while the second comprised three British commissioned transports in the form of the 2,950-ton Prince Charles, 2,950-ton Prince Leopold and 2,938-ton Prins Albert.

The TSS series also comprised two convoys, namely TSS.2 of 6/9 September from Libya and TSS.4 of 9/11 September from Malta. The first comprised the 5,322-ton Belgian Alexandre André, 6,528-ton British City of Evansville, 964-ton British Lochee, 7,241-ton British Middlesex Trader, 7,031-ton Polish Narwik, 4,718-ton British Norman Monarch and two British commissioned ships in the form of the auxiliary anti-aircraft ship Alynbank and rescue tug Hengist. The second comprised the 4,653-ton British African Prince, 4,969-ton British Benedict, 7,039-ton British Empire Cato, 7,134-ton British Fort Pembina, 7,275-ton US Jersey Hart, 7,174-ton British Ocean Vengeance and 9,079-ton British Teucer.