Operation TU

'TU' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying the route from the UK to the USA, and as such reciprocals of the 'UT' series (August 1943/May 1944).

The first of these 12 convoys was TU.1 of 15/25 August 1943 with unspecified ships, and the last was TU.11 of 21 April/1 May 1944 with 23 merchant vessels of which four had Boston rather than New York City as their destination. The ships for New York were the 8,271-ton US Alden Besse, 7,626-ton US Bienville, 7,114-ton US Borinquen, 13,391-ton French Colombie, 10,121-ton US Cristobal, 6,736-ton US Exchange, 7,773-ton US Frederick Lykes, 23,788-ton US George Washington, 14,135-ton British Highland Chieftain, 7,997-ton US J. W. McAndrew, 10,121-ton US James Parker, 11,757-ton US Marine Raven, 10,600-ton US Mattaponi, 7,939-ton US Mormacmoon, 9,135-ton US Santa Rosa, 10,584-ton US Sea Porpoise, 8,108-ton US Seatrain Lakehurst, 8,108-ton US Seatrain Texas, 8,258-ton US Sweepstakes and 20,183-ton US Uruguay, while those for Boston were the 7,618-ton US Excelsior, 6,683-ton US Exchequer, US Explorer and 8,101-ton US Susan B. Anthony.