Operation TVL

'TVL' was an Italian supply convoy from the port of Naples to Tripoli, the capital of Italian Libya in North Africa (27/28 July 1940).

The convoy comprised seven transport vessels (4,792-ton Maria Eugenia, 5,490-ton Gloria Stella, 5,463-ton Mauly, 7,933-ton Bainsizza, 5,891-ton Col di Lana, 6,343-ton Francesco Barbaro and 3,339-ton Cittą di Bari), and was escorted by the torpedo boats Orione, Orsa, Procione and Pegaso of the 4a Divisione Torpediniere. From Catania, the destroyers Grecale, Libeccio, Maestrale and Scirocco of the 10a Divisione Cacciatorpediniere joined the convoy at sea to strengthen the escort. The convoy reached Tripoli safely on 1 August, despite an attack by the British submarine Oswald on the day before this.