Operation Uljan

(Yugoslav island)

'Uljan' was a German operation against the partisan forces of Marshal Josip Broz Tito on Ugljan and Dugi islands off the coast of the puppet state of Croatia in German-occupied Yugoslavia (30 January/1 February 1944).

The undertaking’s objective was the destruction of the partisan ground and naval forces holding the island off the central Dalmatian coast opposite Zadar. The German units involved in this operation were primarily the 891st Grenadierregiment of Generalleutnant Otto Lüdecke’s 264th Division, the 1/98th Gebirgsjägerregiment and the pioneer company of the 800th Küstenjägerabteilung of Generalmajor Alexander von Pfuhlstein’s Division 'Brandenburg'.

Having been warned of the German operation’s imminence, the partisans left for the island of Vis and there was little or no contact with them after the unopposed landings of the 1/98th Gebirgsjägerregiment in the north-eastern part of Ugljan island and the 2/891st Grenadierregiment on the same island’s southern tip.