Operation Umbau (ii)


'Umbau' (ii) was a German unrealised plan for Generaloberst Friedrich Paulus’s 6th Army, trapped in Stalingrad by 'Koltso', to break out to the south-west through the encircling Soviet forces of General Polkovnik Andrei I. Eremenko’s Stalingrad Front (23 November 1942).

The German plan was suggested at the high point of the 'Wintergewitter' (i) relief offensive by Generaloberst Hermann Hoth’s Armeegruppe 'Hoth' within Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein’s Heeresgruppe 'Don', but Paulus refused to entertain the notion of any break-out contrary to Adolf Hitler’s express instruction for the 6th Army to hold Stalingrad.