Operation UT

'UT' was the designation of US military convoys (together with a numerical and in one case a literal suffix) plying the route from the USA to the UK and including troopships to ferry US troops across the Atlantic in preparation for 'Overlord', and as such reciprocals of the 'TU' series (August 1943/April 1944).

The first of these convoys was UT.1 of 21 August/4 September 1943 with the 5,014-ton Italian transport Argentina carrying 6,450 troops, 10,172-ton US transport Canyon Creek, 10,021-ton US transport Cristobal, 9,887-ton US tanker Esso Harrisburg and 9,135-ton US transport Santa Paula carrying 3,336 troops.

The last of the convoys was UT.11 of 6/16 April 1944 with the 19,118-ton British transport Arundel Castle, 7,626-ton US transport Bienville carrying 1,700 troops, 7,114-ton US transport Borinquen carrying 1,500 troops, 13,391-ton French transport Colombie carrying 2,673 troops, 10,021-ton US transport Cristobal carrying 2,257 troops, 7,618-ton US transport Excelsior carrying 2,216 troops, 6,683-ton US transport Exchequer carrying 1,700 troops, US transport Explorer carrying 2,216 troops, 7,773-ton US transport Frederick Lykes carrying 2,800 troops, 12,093-ton US transport General George W. Goethals carrying 1,900 troops, 23,788-US transport George Washington carrying 6,408 troops, 14,134-ton British transport Highland Brigade carrying refrigerated food, 7,997-ton transport US J. W. McAndrew, 5,958-ton US oiler Mattaponi, 23,371-ton British transport Orion carrying 5,543 troops, Orpheus carrying stores, 7,101-ton US transport Robin Sherwood, 19,537-ton British transport Samaria carrying 4,952 troops, 8,095-ton US transport Santa Teresa, 10,584-ton US transport Sea Porpoise carrying 2,800 troops, 8,108-ton US transport Seatrain Lakehurst carrying 228 troops, 8,108-ton US transport Seatrain Texas carrying 168 troops, 23,428-ton British transport Strathmore carrying 5,495 troops, 8,101-ton US transport Susan B. Anthony carrying 2,583 troops, 20,183-ton US transport Uruguay carrying 4,501 troops, and 8,258-ton US transport White Squall carrying men and armoured fighting vehicles.