Operation Varg

'Varg' was a British three-element operation by the Special Operations Executive in German-occupied Norway to make preparations for the safe reception, billeting, maintenance, training and employment of men in the hills of the Setesdal to the north of Kristiansand (1 November 1944/8 May 1945).

Once established, the base was to receive local groups of the Milorg military resistance organisation for training in the use of weapons and explosives, sabotage and anti-sabotage.

The five-man 'Varg I' party, comprising Harald Sandvik, T. Abrahamsen, S. Heidenreich, E. Johnsen, H. Bugge was parachuted into its operational area on the night of 1/2 November and met by J. Ropstad and four men of the 'Sandpiper' party. The leader was Sandvik, and in addition to the rest of his original party, he was joined by four Milorg men and, on 7 November, by E. Vestre and T. Halvorsen who were parachuted into the area. It was planned that the base would have five billeting areas.

The 'Varg II' reinforcement party, comprising P. Vexels, O. Veraas and Captain Christophersen, the last as British liaison officer, was parachuted into the area on 17 April.

In the 'Varg III' operation of April 1945, M. Sønneland and D. Sjørestad were delivered by parachute as further reinforcement. The operation’s camp was eventually divided into four billeting areas. The first was soon abandoned as it had received no supplies, and the second was placed under the command of Knut Haukelid.

'Varg' also became involved in counter-scorch operations, focusing on the power stations in the Arendal area. Weapons sufficient for a force of 2,000 or so men were dropped, but there was still a lack of provisions and therefore the camp did not become effective.