Operation Vert


'Vert' was a British and French plan designed in the UK and implemented by the resistance faction within the French national railway organisation, with the support of the US Office of Strategic Services and the British Special Operations Executive, to disrupt the rail network at the time of 'Neptune' (iii) and 'Overlord' to hinder the movement of German reinforcements intended for the Normandy front (6 June 1944).

This was one of the three major elements, together with 'Bleu' and 'Violet' (ii), created for implementation by the Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur, which had come into existence in March 1944, to slow if not deny the Germans the ability to deliver men and orders into the Normandy area from the rest of occupied France.

Several of these colour-coded plans were co-ordinated for the FFI’s sabotage programme, the most important 'Vert', 'Bleu' against power installations and 'Violet' (ii) against telecommunications being complemented by the smaller 'Rouge' against German ammunition depots, 'Jaune' against German command posts, 'Noir' against fuel depots and 'Tortue' against road traffic. Their effect in aiding the paralysis of the German infrastructure is widely believed to have been very effective.