Operation Vorgang 7

action 7

'Vorgang 7' was a successful German attempt to smuggle 14 Jews from Germany into Switzerland using false papers (August and September 1942).

The operation was devised by Abwehr members Hans von Dohnanyi and vizeadmiral Wilhelm Canaris, and carried out with the support of Dohnanyi’s brother-in-law, the anti-Nazi Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who arranged visas and sponsors for the Jews. In its original form, the plan included only seven Jews, but this was later increased to 14. The operation, which involved removing the Jews from deportation lists, making them agents of the Abwehr and persuading Swiss officials to accept them, took over a year to plan and execute.

In April 1943, the Gestapo arrested Bonhoeffer and von Dohnanyi for their part in the scheme, to which they had been alerted by the use of Abwehr funds in the operation.

Bonhoeffer’s involvement in 'Vorgang 7' was one of the pieces of evidence used by Stephen A. Wise in the petition for his inclusion in the Yad Vashem list of Righteous Among the Nations, but the campaign was unsuccessful.