Operation Wal (i)


'Wal' (i) was a German abortive plan devised by the Abwehr military intelligence department to establish contacts with Welsh and Scottish nationalist groups in the UK in preparation for the revival of the postponed 'Seelöwe' (November 1940/April 1941).

The agent selected for the mission, which was to be based on the delivery of the agent by seaplane to a lake in Ireland, was one of the Abwehr's 'experts' on Irish affairs, Helmut Clissmann, who was to be transported to the UK by Christian Nissen (otherwise 'Hein Mück' or 'Agent Hein'). Planning for 'Wal' (i) took place during the period in which all Irish operations were prohibited by the Abwehr's head, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. In order to work around the direct order not to interfere in Irish affairs, the Abwehr section head concerned with Ireland, Kurt Haller, sought permission for an operation which had the stated aim of seeking assistance from Welsh and Scots groups, although his longer-term objective was to seek further contacts with the Irish Republican Army.

'Wal' (i) did not take place and planning had been abandoned by April 1941.