Operation Wallah

'Wallah' was a British unrealised operation by the Special Operations Executive to establish a base in the northern part of German-occupied Norway from which raids could be launched in an effort to paralyse German seaborne traffic along the Norwegian coast (spring 1941).

By the end of July 1941 the Admiralty had approved 'Wallah', and the Norwegian naval staff had concurred and provided the merchant vessel Anderson as the basis for the operation. The Admiralty provided the two 'Q' ships (heavily armed and disguised merchant vessels), which were to be used to intercept German shipping. Local fishing boats were also to be purchased and used to sail into harbours where explosives would be attached to German vessels. The possibility of using ski troops to attack inland targets was also considered. The scheme passed through the leadership of two other bodies before November, when 'Wallah' was merged into 'Anklet'.