Operation Waterfall

'Waterfall' was a British deception, related to 'Barclay', in which large quantities of dummy vehicles and artillery were massed in Cyrenaica to simulate the assembly of forces for an amphibious assault on Crete and/or the Peloponnese (spring 1943).

This display, in the only area of the eastern Mediterranean within range of Axis reconnaissance aircraft. included more than 100 dummy landing craft in the harbours, sufficient real and dummy gliders for the delivery of an entire airborne division, the whole of the fictitious 8th Armoured Division with dummy vehicles, fake camps and training areas, and 11 squadrons of dummy fighters on seven airfields protected by real anti-aircraft batteries, and small numbers of real fighters which were scrambled whenever Axis aircraft approached. The various dummy forces were moved backward and forward in keeping with the notional postponements in the amphibious assault, and a major radio decep­tion plan simulated the communications network characteristic of such a force.