Operation Waxwing

'Waxwing' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to aid local resistance attempts to delay German withdrawals from northern Norway by attacking the railway between Grong and Majavatn, to the north of Trondheim in German-occupied Norway (24/25 March/May 1945).

The plan was originally to have resulted in the parachute delivery of a party of 24 men, but on the night of 24/25 March a party of only 12 men of the Norwegian Parachute Company was dropped under the command of Major Ole Jacob Bangstad, and was received by the 'Cramlington' party. On 15 April the force attacked the railway some 31 miles (50 km) to the north of Grong and destroyed 440 yards (400 m) of track. On 21 April the group raided Namskogen station, destroying crossings and switches. On 23 April the group blew up 880 yards (800 m) of rail north of Trongfors. Bangstad travelled to Stockholm in neutral Sweden at the end of April, and the group moved to a base across the Swedish border. The group carried out work in the area until after the German surrender.