Operation WDC

'WDC' was the designation of Allied military coaster convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the UK to France in the late aftermath of 'Overlord' (September/December 1944).

The first of these 13 convoys was WDC.1 of 6/7 September from St Helen’s Roads, Isle of Wight, to Dieppe with 13 vessels including the 371-ton British Boston Trader, 319-ton British Empire Estuary, 235-ton British Empire Jonathan, 878-ton British Empire Shoal, 692-ton British Kenrix, 495-ton British Oranmore, 374-ton British Prase, 610-ton Norwegian Raftsund, 5,888-ton Dutch Westland and 315-ton Dutch Zuiderhaven. The last was WDC.13 of 18/19 September from Newhaven to Dieppe with six vessels including the 352-ton Dutch Actinia, 946-ton British Cameo, 538-ton British Stanville and 878-ton Dutch Starkenborgh.