Operation Westvogesen-Stellung

West Vosges position

The 'Westvogesen-Stellung' was was a German extemporised defence position along the foothills on the western side of the Vosges mountains to the north of the frontier with Switzerland (late 1944).

This forward position was intended shield the main German positions of General Friedrich Wiese’s 19th Army of General Werner Kempf’s (from 10 October Generalleutnant Walter Eckstein’s Höheres Kommando 'Oberrhein' in the higher parts of the Vosges mountains against any attempt by Lieutenant General Alexander McC. Patch’s US 7th Army of Lieutenant General Jacob L. Devers’s US 6th Army Group to effect a winter breakthough of this significant mountain line, whose two most likely breakthrough points were the Saverne gap in the north and the Belfort gap in the south.