Operation Wiesel-Riegel

weasel switch line

The 'Wiesel-Riegel' was a German blocking position on the arc between Ingulets Konstantinovka and Sidiminukha as part of the disengagement of Generaloberst Karl-Adolf Hollidt’s 6th Army of Generaloberst Josef Harpe’s Heeresgruppe 'A' on the southern sector of the Eastern Front (mid-March 1944).

It was through this area that General Rodion Ya. Malinovsky’s 3rd Ukrainian Front and General Fyedor I. Tolbukhin’s 4th Ukrainian Front were preparing to advance as they cleared south-western Ukraine in the 'Lower Dniepr Offensive Operation' and developed plans for their 'Dniepr-Carpathian Offensive Operation' onslaught into north-eastern Romania.