Operation Wilhelm


'Wilhelm' was a German offensive by Generaloberst Friedrich Paulus’s 6th Army toward Volchansk on the Eastern Front (10/15 June 1942).

Launched in conjunction with the slightly later 'Fridericus II', 'Wilhelm' was a preliminary to the 'Blau' offensives by Generalfeldmarschall Fedor von Bock’s Heeresgruppe 'Süd', and was designed to eliminate General Leytenant Nikolai N. Nikishin’s 28th Army of General Fyedor Ya. Kostenko’s South-West Front in the region of Volchansk, in the area just to the north-east of Kharkov. The 6th Army launched 'Wilhelm' on 10 June and in six days pushed the Soviet forces back some 32 miles (50 km).