Operation Winded

'Winded' was a British naval undertaking by elements of Admiral Sir Henry Moore’s Home Fleet to make night attacks on German shipping in the Leads, between Silde Gabet and Bredsund, along the west coast of German-occupied Norway (27/29 January 1945).

Under the command of Rear Admiral R. R. McGrigor, the operation involved the escort carriers Campania, Nairana and Premier, the heavy cruiser Berwick and the destroyers Cavendish, Myngs, Scorpion, Scourge and Canadian Algonquin and Sioux of the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla. During this undertaking the aircraft of Premier provided cover for Campania and Nairana as the latter’s Fairey Swordfish bombers attacked German shipping off Vaagsö, hitting them with bombs and rockets, and leaving one in flames and another run aground.