Operation WS (i)

'WS' (i) was the designation of Allied troopship convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the UK to Gibraltar, Freetown, Sierra Leone, the Cape of Good Hope and the Middle East or India, or for dispersal (June 1940/August 1943).

The first of these convoys was WS.1 of 29 June/8 July 1940 to Freetown with three British adapted liners in the form of the 44,786-ton Aquitania, 35,739-ton Mauretania and 81,235-ton Queen Mary, escorted by the heavy cruisers Cumberland and Kent, destroyers Harvester, Highlander, Volunteer and Whirlwind. The last was WS.33 of 17/24 August 1943 to Gibraltar with the 11,174-ton British Antenor, 14,134-ton Dutch Boissevain, 20,022-ton British Duchess of Richmond, 10,825-ton Dutch Indrapoera, 10,474-ton Dutch Johan de Witt and 14,982-ton British Ormonde, escorted by the escort carrier Hunter, heavy cruiser Shropshire, light anti-aircraft cruiser Charybdis, destroyer Wrestler, sloops Chanticleer, Weston and Indian Narbada, and frigates Barle, Ettrick, Ness, Totland and Usk.