Operation WS (ii)

'WS' (ii) was the designation of Allied troopship convoys (together with numerical and literal suffixes) plying the route from the UK via the Suez Canal to Bombay, India, or from South Africa to India (August 1940/November 1943).

The first of the series was WS.2B of 31 August/15 September 1940 from Capetown, South Africa, to Bombay, India with the 14,287-ton Polish Batory, 23,371-ton British Orion, 14,982-ton British Ormonde and 23,722-ton British Stratheden, escorted by the heavy cruiser Cornwall and armed merchant cruiser Kanimbla.

Later convoys were of warships from ports along the east coast of Africa for dispersal into the Indian Ocean. The last of these was WS.33K of 27 October/2 November 1943 with the Indian frigate Bann, British armed merchant cruiser Chitral, British destroyer Rapid, and British frigates Teviot and Trent.