Operation WVL

'WVL' was the designation of Allied vehicle-delivery landing craft and supply convoys plying the route between St Helen’s Roads, Isle of Wight, and Le Havre in northern France in support of the Allied armies fighting in northern Germany (March 1945).

The first of these seven convoys was WVL.105 of 16/17 March with LST-306 and LST-392, and the last was WVL.149 of 9/10 May with the 7,191-ton US John H. B. Latrobe, 7,191-ton US Luther Martin, 4,764-ton Danish Oregon, 7,176-ton US Thomas Heyward, 7,191-ton US Thomas Stone, 7,177-ton US Thomas Sumter, LST-55, LST-290, LST-511 and LST-515.