Operation XIF

'XIF' was the designation of Allied trooping and military supply convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Alexandria or Port Said, Egypt, to Taranto or Naples, Italy in support of 'Avalanche' and other Allied operations in southern and later central Italy, and as such reciprocals of the 'IXF' series (September 1943).

The first of these 30 convoys was XIF.1 of 20/24 September 1943 with the 19,118-ton British Arundel Castle, 11,660-ton British Derbyshire, 21,833-ton British Empress of Australia, 22,424-ton British Monarch of Bermuda, 14,155-ton Dutch Ruys and 14,150-ton Dutch Tegelberg, escorted by seven escort destroyers in the form of the British Beaufort, Croome, Hursley and Hurworth, French Commandant Dominé, and Greek Adrias and Pindos.

The last of the convoys was XIF.26 of 8/12 December 1944 with the 14,134-ton Dutch Boissevain, 16,297-ton British Cameronia, 27,000-ton British Capetown Castle, 12,546-ton French Champollion and 20,175-ton British Franconia, escorted by the British escort destroyer Wheatland.