Operation Zeal (i)

'Zeal' (i) was a British unrealised naval operation to attack German positions in the Norwegian western coastal city of Trondheim (29/30 April 1940).

The battleship Valiant departed Scapa Flow in the Orkney islands group with the destroyers Encounter, Escort, Fortune and Fury to provide radar cover and to give anti-aircraft protection to the fleet carrier Ark Royal, escorted by the heavy cruiser Berwick, the light cruiser Sheffield and the destroyers Fearless, Hereward, Hyperion and Juno, and also undertake the 'Zeal' (i) gunfire bombardment of the approaches to Trondheim, but the operation was cancelled before it had started.

Instead the combined fore, which was supplemented on 1 May by the fleet carrier Glorious and destroyers Acheron, Antelope and Beagle, then covered the 'Tunnel' (i) evacuation of British ground forces from Åndalsnes on the west coast of Norway.