Operation Zirkus


'Zirkus' was a German operation to evacuate Mljet and Korčula islands as well as the western part of the Pljesac peninsula along the Dalmatian coast of German-occupied Yugoslavia (12/13 September 1944).

Generalmajor Hubert Lamey’s 118th Jägerdivision had two battalions of its 750th Jägerregiment on Korčula, two companies on Mljet, and the rest of the 750th Jägerregiment as well as two batteries of the 668th Marineartillerieabteilung on the Peljesac peninsula.

Together with 'Eisbär' (vi), 'Zirkus' managed to bring back to the mainland 3,997 soldiers, 135 Italian prisoners of war, 351 horses, 107 mules, 45 pieces of artillery, 19 motor vehicles and 14 motorcycles. The German navy lost five landing craft and two assault boats, together with same number damaged, and the naval manpower losses were 11 killed, 14 wounded and one missing. During these two operations the 118th Jägerdivision lost 1,141 men killed or captured.