Operation Aberlour

'Aberlour' was a British unrealised plan for an attack on the German salient to the north of Caen in Normandy for implementation in the event that 'Epsom' proved successful (late June 1944).

The operation was schemed as a follow-on to 'Mitten' and in parallel with 'Ottawa' and, had it taken place, Major General L. G. Whistler’s 3rd Division (with Brigadier D. C. Cunningham’s Canadian 9th Brigade under command) would have attacked the area held by Generalleutnant Erich Diester’s 346th Division and Generalleutnant Edgar Feuchtinger’s 21st Panzerdivision of General Hans von Obstfelder’s LXXXVI Corps within General Geyr von Schweppenburg’s Panzergruppe 'West' to take several villages to the north of Caen.

'Epsom' was a failure, however, and Lieutenant General J. T. Crocker’s I Corps therefore cancelled 'Aberlour' on 28 June.