Operation Ottawa

'Ottawa' was a Canadian unrealised attack on the German position at Carpiquet, to the west of Caen in Normandy, in the event that 'Epsom' proved successful (late June 1944).

The operation was planned in parallel with 'Aberlour' and, had it taken place, Major General R. F. L. Keller’s Canadian 3rd Division and Brigadier R. A. Wyman’s Canadian 2nd Armoured Brigade would have attacked the area held by SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Kurt Meyer’s 12th SS Panzerdivision 'Hitlerjugend' of SS-Oberstgruppenführer und Generaloberst der Waffen-SS Josef Dietrich’s I SS Panzerkorps of General Geyr von Schweppenburg’s Panzergruppe 'West'.

As it was, 'Epsom' was a failure and 'Ottawa' was therefore cancelled on 28 June, but was deemed promising enough in concept later to be revived, in modified form, within 'Windsor'.