Operation AN (i)

This was the designation of Allied 'Aegean Northbound' convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Alexandria or Port Said, Egypt, to Piraeus or Souda Bay, Greece, with military equipment and troops, and as such reciprocals of the 'AS' series (September 1940/May 1941).

The series was a response to an Anglo-Greek agreement for British support of the Greek war effort against the Italian 'Emergenza G' invasion and the later threat of the German 'Marita' attack on Greece. An early example was AN.3 of 11/15 September 1940 from Port Said to Piraeus with the 4,267-ton British Eastlea that was unable to maintain the required speed and was therefore detached, 2,797-ton British Palermo and 2,878-ton British Vasco, and the last was AN.30 of 6/9 May 1941 from Port Said to Souda Bay with the 5,643-ton British Cape Horn, 8,331-ton British City of Canterbury, 5,627-ton British Lossiebank and 4,998-ton British Rawnsley.