Operation Animals

'Animals' was an Allied programme of support for an increased level of operations by the local resistance forces against the occupying German forces in Greece (June/July 1943).

Undertaken within the overall compass of 'Mincemeat' to aid the 'Husky' (i) assault on Sicily, the operation took the form of co-ordinated attacks on rail and road communications in a programme designed to persuade the Axis powers that this presaged a major Allied descent on Greece. The operation was moderately successful, one of its most significant related successes being the 'Washing' destruction of the Asopos railway viaduct on 21 June by a party of six British and New Zealand operatives of the Special Operations Executive, and in its entirety the undertaking persuaded the Germans to move to Greece Generalleutnant Walter Krüger’s 1st Panzerdivision, which was currently resting in France and could have been better employed on the Eastern Front.