Operation Bedlam Green

'Bedlam Green' was a British carrierborne air attack by Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Power’s East Indies Fleet on the Japanese positions and facilities at Medan on the north-eastern coast of the island of Sumatra in the Japanese-occupied Netherlands East Indies (20 June 1945).

Undertaken by the aircraft of two escort carriers, the raid was flown in the aftermath of the programme of photo-reconnaissance flights by the Grumman Hellcat single-engined aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm’s No. 888 Squadron over southern Malaya, and involved 29 Hellcat and Supermarine Seafire single-engined fighter-bombers in attacks on the three airfields in the area of Medan. The attacks destroyed 10 Japanese aircraft on the ground as well as two railway locomotives for the loss of one Hellcat shot down by anti-aircraft fire.