Operation Contempt (ii)

'Contempt' (ii) was a British and Greek unsuccessful special forces operation against Mílos island of the Cyclades islands group in the Aegean Sea of German-occupied Greece, and more specifically its radar installation (26 October/7 November 1944).

A small naval force centred on the escort carrier Khedive but including one light cruiser and a number of destroyers had on 17 September undertaken a gunfire bombardment of the German coast-defence battery at Lakita while aircraft of Khedive's embarked No. 899 Squadron also attacked shore targets on and shipping off the larger islands of Crete and Rhodes.

By a time soon after this, the island’s German garrison totalled 620 men including 142 men of the the 4/1011th Festungsinfanteriebataillon and 225 men of the 1st Marineartilleriebatterie with 5.91-in (150-mm) guns. There were also 26 Italians.

During the morning of 26 October, 152 Greek troops of the Sacred Band and 30 British troops of the Special Boat Squadron were landed in three parts of the island with the gunfire support of the light cruiser Aurora, the destroyer Tyrian and the escort destroyer Tetcott, and the attacks of warplanes of the escort carrier Emperor. Two days later, some 200 to 300 British marines were landed. The fighting the island then continued to 5 November, the Germans losing only a small number of men, before the Greek and British force was evacuated during the evening of 7 November, abandoning a disabled tank landing craft in the process.