Operation Corncrake

'Corncrake' was a British naval rescue operation on Spitsbergen island to the north of German-occupied Norway (26 June/11 July 1943).

The garrison at Barentsburg had sent a 15-man Norwegian party to destroy the German weather station at Signehaven, but the party could not return to Barentsburg after its motor boat had been destroyed by a U-boat. The garrison felt it unwise to risk its only other motor boat to effect a rescue, as the U-boat was believed still to be in the area, so the submarine Seadog was despatched from Lerwick in the Shetland islands group on 26 June to make the rescue. The submarine reached Barentsburg on 2 July and embarked a pilot, rescued the stranded party later on the same day, and returned to Barentsburg.

During its return to Lerwick, which it reached on 11 July, on 4 July Seadog encountered and attacked U-587, which evaded the British submarine’s torpedoes.