Operation Dschingis Khan-Linie

Genghis Khan Line

The 'Dschingis Khan-Linie' was a German defence line in northern Italy, parallel with the 'Grün-Linie' and extending to the east from Bologna to Lake Comacchio, and designed to check the Allied advance toward the southern approaches to Austria (1944/April 1945).

North-eastern Italy was held at this time by General Traugott Herr’s 10th Army of Generaloberst Heinrich-Gottfried von Vietinghoff-Scheel’s Heeresgruppe 'C', and more specifically by Generalleutnant Hellmuth Böhlke’s (from 7 February General Richard Heidrich’s) I Fallschirmkorps and General Gerhard Graf von Schwerin-Krosigk’s LXXVI Panzerkorps. The 'Dschingis Khan-Linie' was built from the summer of 1944 and was breached in the 'Buckland' offensive of Lieutenant General Sir Richard McCreery’s British 8th Army (Lieutenant General C. F. Keightley’s V Corps and Lieutenant General S. C. Kirkman’s XIII Corps) in the period 8/23 April 1945.