Operation Eisenes Tor

iron gate (Danube river gorge)

'Eisenes Tor' was the German contribution to 'Unternehmen 25' and 'Marita' by Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm List’s 12th Army, which advanced from the east into south-western Yugoslavia from eastern Bulgaria (6/30 April 1941).

In this undertaking, Generaloberst Ewald von Kleist’s Panzergruppe 'von Kleist' (General Joachim von Kortzfleisch’s XI Corps and General Gustav von Wietersheim’s XIV Korps [mot.]) attacked to the west from points north of Sofia in Bulgaria to take Nis on the Morava river and then wheel to the north-west down this river toward Belgrade, General Georg Stumme’s XL Korps (mot.) attacked on two axes from points south-west of Sofia to take Skopje on the Vardar river and then push forward to Monastir on the Yugoslav side of the Yugoslav/Greek frontier, and farther to the south General Franz Böhme’s XVIII Corps advanced to the south-west to take Strumica and then wheel left toward Thessaloníki in northern Greece.