Operation ES

'ES' was a British convoy operation designed as a diversion to facilitate the passage of the PQ.17 convoy carrying Lend-Lease matériel to ports on the north-western coast of the USSR (20 June/2 July 1942).

Sailing ahead of PQ.17, this convoy failed in its primary object as it was not even discovered by the Germans. The British warships involved in this undertaking were the cruiser minelayer Adventure, the light anti-aircraft cruisers Curacao and Sirius, the destroyers Brighton, Catterick, Nepal, Oakley, St Marys and Free Dutch Tjerk Hiddes, four anti-submarine trawlers, and a number of auxiliary vessels including the minelayers Agamemnon, Menestheus, Port Quebec and Southern Prince.

The force reached 001° E on the following day without being detected, and then turned back. Later the same day, the force turned to the east once more, but when it reached 001° E it had still not been located by the Germans, largely because of the adverse flying weather, and the operation was thereupon abandoned.