Operation Fabius

'Fabius' was an Allied series of six final and major amphibious exercises ('Fabius I' to 'Fabius VI') for Major General Leonard T. Gerow’s US V Corps of Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley’s US 1st Army in preparation for 'Overlord' (23 April/10 May 1944).

The British destroyers Saumarez and Swift, and the Norwegian Stord, arrived back at Scapa Flow in the Orkney islands group from the Clyde river on 9 May after completing their part in 'Fabius' by supporting practice troop landings in southern England. The British destroyers Scorpion, Scourge and Impulsive, and the Norwegian Svenner, arrived back at Scapa Flow after 'Fabius' on 10 May. These destroyers, as well as the British Serapis, had reached Portsmouth from Scottish waters on 1 May for their participation in 'Fabius', which was run in the northern waters of the English Channel’s south-western end.