Operation Faust (ii)


'Faust' (ii) was a U-boat wolfpack operation in the Arctic Ocean, directed in this instance against the JW.66 convoy’s passage in 'Roundel' (16 April/1 May 1945).

The wolfpack comprised U-278, U-286, U-295, U-307, U-312, U-313, U-363, U-427 and U-481, and for the loss of Oberleutnant Wilhelm Dietrich’s U-286 and Oberleutnant Erich Krüger’s U-307 sank only the British frigate Goodall.

Originally constructed as the US Navy’s 'Evarts' class destroyer escort Reybold, Goodall was in British service from 1943 until her sinking in 1945. The ship was ordered on 25 January 1942 and laid down by the Boston Navy Yard on 20 May 1943 for launch on 8 July of the same year. The USA transferred the ship to the UK under Lend-Lease upon upon her completion on 4 October 1943.

The ship served on convoy escort duty, and on 29 April 1945 was escorting the RA-66 convoy in the Barents Sea near the entrance to the Kola Inlet when the U-968 fired G7es torpedoes at the convoy’s escort vessels at 21.00. Goodall's lookouts sighted one of the torpedoes, which missed her. At about 22.00, the U-286 hit Goodall with a G7es, causing her ammunition magazine to detonate. The explosion blew away the forward part of the ship and killed Lieutenant Commander Fulton and 94 men of the frigate’s crew. The rest of Goodall's crew abandoned ship, and on 30 April 1945 the British frigate Anguilla sank U-286 with gunfire.